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Serving Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties
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Burst Pipe Repair
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Have you awakened to a flood in your house? Did you go to the office and find the floors submerged? Maybe a pipe burst? We know how damage that a plumbing issue can cause on other parts of your home or business. Call us and we will be right there to fix any problem for you. We understand when a pipe bursts, it can affect you and your family. Call and let us come to your rescue. 

We offer residential plumbing or business plumbing service any time of the day or night to people in the Tri-county area. Our certified and qualified plumbers can assist you with plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance. If you need residential or business plumbing services, you can call us anytime and we promise to answer our phone. We are state licensed, bonded and insured in Florida.

Before we arrive, we highly suggest you cut of your water source off that is located near the afflicted source or to your entire residence, if possible.  You can typically find the primary shut off valves outside near the road under a metal cover.  We suggest this because it can lessen any danger of flooding and because most homeowners insurance companies don’t handle busted water lines or sewer line backups. Insurance companies state it’s the full liability of the homeowner to assist in maintaining the sewage lines.  You could consider having us do an inspection each year for you to help with line maintenance.

We can assist you in burst pipe for your home or office.  We will assess your  damage and then we make recommendations based on your specific requirements.  We service, repair and install sewer lines and we are always ready to help you, 24/7.

When searching for a reliable plumber, call us at 954-686-8087. We specialize in plumbing repairs, installations, and even full-service plumbing layout & design!
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Plumbers have to handle a wide range of materials

Plumbers have to handle a wide range of materials in their line of work, from copper pipes to PVC pipes and even specialized fixtures like faucets and valves.

The History of Plumbing

The ancient Romans were also highly advanced in terms of plumbing technology. They used lead pipes to transport drinking water and aqueducts and cisterns to store and distribute it.

Plumbers also use a variety of tools

in their line of work. These tools include wrenches, pipe cutters, screwdrivers, and pipe benders. Wrenches are used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts, while pipe cutters are used to cut through pipes. Screwdrivers are used to tighten screws, while pipe benders are used to bend pipes into various shapes.

Plumbers are invaluable skilled tradespeople

Overall, plumbers are invaluable skilled tradespeople with the expertise to install, repair, and maintain various plumbing systems. They must also be knowledgeable about plumbing materials, tools, and safety regulations and have excellent customer service skills.

Largest Plumbing Issues in Florida

Florida is a state that is known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches. However, it is also a state that is prone to plumbing issues due to the high water table and corrosive soil conditions.

Commercial buildings often have complex plumbing

Commercial buildings often have complex plumbing systems designed to accommodate a large number of people and heavy use. While these systems are built to last, plumbing problems can arise over time, leading to costly repairs and business disruptions.

The most common material that plumbers

use is copper pipes. Copper is a durable and corrosion-resistant material, making it an ideal choice for plumbing applications. Copper pipes are easy to install and require less maintenance compared to other types of pipes,

Becoming a plumber requires knowledge

Becoming a plumber requires knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, including mathematics, physics, and mechanical aptitude. Here’s how to become a plumber.

The fifth stage is replacement

This stage involves replacing any pipes, fixtures, or other components that have become worn or damaged. This is typically done when a component has become too worn or damaged to repair. Replacing components can help to ensure that the system continues to function properly and can help to prevent future issues.