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Leak Detection and repair
We can help with your leak Detection and repair
Bigger water leaks can be detected through sound and sight and this can be a simple task. This is not the case for smaller leaks. It can be virtually impossible to detect small leaks without doing a water leak detection test. If your toilet has water moving from tank to the bowl when it isn’t even being flushed or even when toilet flushes by itself, there is a leak. Toilet leaks are some of the most common and fixing them can save hundreds of dollars. We can find the leaks in your home as well as check for unknown leaks with our leak detection device.

Water leak detection can be done periodically by checking the components of the home’s plumbing system.  A water leak device can also be installed.

We can install one of these two water leak detection systems:

  • Passive Leak Detection System. - This is typically a battery operated, stand-alone device which produces an alarm sound when the moisture system gets wet. A Passive Leak Detection System enables any homeowner to be able to locate the water leak and have the necessary repairs completed. In order to ensure this device runs continuously, the battery should be replaced regularly.
  • Active Leak Device System. - This system sounds an alarm when it finds a water leak and shuts the water off automatically. It often has a flow sensor or moisture sensor to monitor water leaks.

Active Leak Detection Systems come in two types:

  • The Individual Appliance System monitors all leaks from appliances and has an automatic shut off to the water supply when appliance leaks are detected.
  • A Whole House System monitors all leaks in entire house and automatically shut the home’s main water supply to off when a leak is detected. These types of systems send a signal to the valve by using a wiring connection or radio signal.

If you do not have a water leak detection system, you can check your home yourself for water leaks.


Water leaks typically develop in the following areas: :

  • Laundry room (near washer or faucet)
  • Toilet and Bathroom (near faucet, water heating system or shower head)
  • Garage (near hot water system or evaporator cooler)
  • Kitchen (near dishwasher, faucet or water heating system)
  • Spa or Pool
  • Water meter
  • Patio
  • Lawn (near garden, irrigation system or turf)

We can assist you with your leak detection systems and repairs for your home or office. 

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